DATE: MARCH 3, 2018

The Most Known Brands In Anti-Scam Worldwide 2018

Study by SurveyMonkey® / PerfectReputations®

During the 3 months of December 2017, January and February 2018 a comprehensive survey was conducted of approximately 100,000 individuals who are either victims or associated with victims of various types of  online fraud. The survey asked individuals to rank their familiarity with classes of organizations associated with combating cyber crime or assisting victims of online crime. A total of  27,394 responses were received to the survey conducted by SurveyMonkey®.

In each category, respondents were asked to rank the provided list, or add their own, in order. The top five (5) in each category is presented below.

The following are the results:

Category 1: Governmental Anti-Scam Entities

  1. United States Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]
  2. Internet Crime Complaint Center [IC3]
  3. United States Federal Trade Commission [FTC]
  4. ActionFraud UK Police
  5. Australian Government ScamWatch

Category 2: Non-Profit Non-Governmental Anti-Scam Corporate Entities

  1. SCARS – Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams / RSN – Romance Scams Now
  2. American Association of Retired People [AARP]
  3. (of the Consumer Union)
  4. (a unit of MoneyGram)
  5. Anti-Phishing Working Group

Category 3: Anti-Scam Related Corporate Entities

  1. Better Business Bureau [BBB]
  2. McAfee
  3. Consumer Reports
  4. Kasperski
  5. Spokeo

Category 4: Non-Governmental Anti-Scam Focused Websites

  1. (SCARS – Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams anti-scam / scam avoidance & victim support division)
  2. (unincorporated hobbyist group)
  3. / Better Business Bureau [BBB]
  4. (Social Media Major)
  5. (unincorporated hobbyist group)

Category 5: Registered Online Crime Victims Assistance Organizations

  1. SCARS – Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams / RSN – Romance Scams Now
  2. Better Business Bureau [BBB]
  3. ActionFraud UK Police
  4. (a unit of the National Center for Victims of Crime of the USDoJ) – lists crime victims’ assistance organizations
  5. Australian ACORN

We would like to thank all those that participated in the study. Your responses were invaluable. Please keep watch for our 2019 Study which will be emailed in Novemner 2018.

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